CrowdStreet changed the way people invest in real estate. We changed the way they invest in media.


CrowdStreet is an award-winning online investing platform that gives individual investors access to invest directly into commercial real estate via crowdfunding. As the company closed the books on its final round of Series-C funding, CrowdStreet set its sights on growing its user base. 


  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search


  • User Experience Design
  • Insight & Analysis


  • Audience Design
  • Test Planning
  • Messaging Strategy 


Grow Incremental Qualified Investor Leads

CrowdStreet faced similar growth challenges as many startups advertising in niche markets – acquiring small groups of highly qualified prospects can be costly and competitive. With a digital media approach historically centered around lead conversion objectives and retargeting, they found it difficult to scale these acquisition efforts efficiently. 

We forged a partnership with CrowdStreet to help rebuild its marketing funnel and drive qualified investors to sign up for the platform.


Media Buying Strategy Emphasizing Funnel-Based Targeting & Messaging

An optimized marketing funnel is a critical factor for sustainable business growth. Our focus was to build a proper full-funnel strategy designed to improve lead acquisition by evaluating, testing and improving the consumer journey across touchpoints. We focused on three primary objectives to drive CrowdStreet’s best lead month on record:

  • Expand audiences to reach net-new qualified investors.
  • Deploy a diverse mix of objectives to strengthen weak points in the customer journey.
  • Lower the cost of acquiring leads through media.


Personalized Landing Page Strategy Curbs Media Costs

We developed a web of new prospecting landing pages aimed at providing users with contextually relevant information during their consideration phase. Content was specifically designed to pair with high impact keywords and intent levels across paid search and paid social initiatives.

The improved user experience had an immediate impact on performance – increasing quality scores by 42% within one quarter, while reducing cost per clicks by ~40%. 


205% Increase in Conversions

12% Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

42% Improved Quality Scores

Best Lead Generation Month on Record (Dec. '19)


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