What we do

We help our clients succeed at being data-driven, conversion-driven, and forward thinking. 

From top line business objectives all the way down to campaign naming taxonomy, we handle all your Strategy and Planning needs.

Data Driven starts with action and ends with action. We start with a comprehensive analytics collection task and end with insights that change the way we do marketing.   

We plan, buy and optimize media across Traditional and Digital channels. We apply the same principles of digital optimization and measurement to evaluating all channels — including Traditional mediums such as TV, Radio and even Out-of-Home.

We love to build things with code. Bring us your vision and we will help you bring it to people across the web.

Content needs to have a purpose and all of the right technical SEO is useless; unless, there is content to go with it. We treat our content and technical SEO as equally important.

Never assume, always test. That is our motto. We bring practical A/B testing to complicated business decisions in order to drive better business outcomes.



Creating a better customer journey requires a broader perspective than your typical media agency. It requires disciplines like Email, UX, Creative, Analytics working together. It requires an embrace of complexity. Our approach at Theorem is to enhance the effectiveness of media by optimizing the entire journey experienced by your prospective or current customers.


End-to-end optimization boosts sales leads across segments.


Funnel-based media buying strategy drives best lead month on record.


Move Fast and Test Things.

Being data-driven needs to mean more than just reading data and forming narratives. It needs to improve your ability to react — to a creative insight, an audience discovery or a conclusive A/B test. Theorem was founded on the principle that optimization is the engine that drives growth. We help you get to market quickly, with a plan to test and learn across all facets of your marketing campaign.

Papa Murphy's Pizza

Media takeover and experimentation results in key growth.


Augment with Algorithms.

It’s easy for marketers to get lost in the torrent of metrics that don’t actually signal whether marketing is driving revenue you otherwise wouldn’t have had. Today's media algorithms are incredibly powerful, but require a strategy to effectively optimize toward business outcomes. We help bridge the divide between vanity metrics and financial indicators by training these algorithms to recognize financial success, not just easy wins.

Portland Trail Blazers

Game scoring model helps reach 102% revenue goals by mid-season.
Theo Agency

Let us put together a plan for you.