We're Theo.

We’re a media agency in Portland, Oregon helping well-known brands and startups alike to launch full-funnel marketing activations. 

Our Principles


Success Starts and Ends with Your Bottom Line.

A conversion ceases to be a useful metric for success if your business doesn’t feel its impact. We use technology and analytics to dissolve the barrier between financial success and marketing optimization. 


The 80/20 Rule, Integrated at Every Level.

An often overlooked virtue of strategy is that it is as much about knowing what not to do. We apply the 80/20 rule to help clients maximize their investment in media, technology and customer experiences. 


Curiosity over Politics -- Treating Employees with Respect.

A reliance on data and testing is the perfect antidote to workplace egos. We believe in fostering meaningful contributions from every employee with meaningful questions worth testing. 


No Silos, by Design.

The departments of your agency should not influence your customer experience. We believe the best work is created when all the various disciplines act out of a shared vision of the customer journey. 

Our Philosophy

Our belief is simple – strategy shouldn’t be defined by the features of a marketing technology platform or the margin goals of an agency. We offer full-funnel marketing services built around strategic testing with an emphasis on achieving our clients revenue growth — not just ROI.

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