Theo Helped the Trail Blazers Reach 102% of Revenue Goals
By Mid-Season


The Portland Trail Blazers have led the NBA in digital marketing innovation for more than a half-decade, achieving the highest return on ad spend (ROAS) of any team in the league multiple years running.


  • Paid Social
  • Paid Search


  • User Experience Design
  • Insight & Analysis


  • Audience Design
  • Test Planning
  • Messaging Strategy 


From ROAS to Incremental Sales Growth

While optimizing entirely for ROAS can make media efficient, it can have a limiting effect on incremental sales. A challenge with the ROAS optimization model was that media prioritized the few showcase games because of the high ticket prices and return potential, while lower ranked games often struggled to hit revenue targets. We saw an opportunity to help them grow overall sales by adapting their media buying strategy toward increasing revenue for individual games, while still maintaining strong returns on ad spend.


Game Scoring Enables Smarter Media Buying

We integrated sales data to create a “live” media plan that adjusts game-specific budgets based on sales pacing. It helps focus the investment on games that needed more sales.

37% of budget was allocated based on game scoring methodology that involved periodic adjustments based on revenue to goal indicators.

Model ticket sales data to identify priority games.

Score upcoming games based on sales velocity.

Shape activation based on each opponent.

    eCommerce Ticket Page Design

Old Ticket Page


Reimagined Ticket Page Boosted Conversion Rates by 11%

We knew that emphasizing smaller games could lower conversion rates. To combat this, we designed and tested a dramatic new experience for the ticket sales page, modeled on eCommerce design best practices.

Our hypothesis proved highly successful, improving conversion rates by more than 11%. This allowed us to send more traffic toward their website in addition to ticketing partners like Ticketmaster. 


102% Revenue Goal Achieved by Mid-Season

Lower Cost Per Acquisition for Low Value Inventory

11% Increase in Ticket Page Conversion Rate


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