Benefits of Utilizing React Apps for Business Longevity

How React can ease the major pain points of developing online services for your business.

If you’ve ever gone through a website migration, I’m sure you can relate to the long hours spent triple checking everything in hopes to smoothly deliver a website experience like a chef pouring liquid fire on a lava cake. No one wants to reenact the wildfire scenes in Game of Thrones at work on launch day.

Don’t worry, there’s hope! Some things during a migration can’t be avoided, but utilizing React will ease a lot of the major pain points when it comes to moving your dynamic services and features over without losing any progress in the process.

React apps are practically bulletproof when it comes to the effects of time and here’s why. They’re singular applications that can be copied and pasted in any system that allows you to paste HTML and can be maintained through one source.

If you have a small dev team, the amount of programming to maintain your application will be fractions compared to an integrated feature-riddled template that’s specific to your CMS – which will need to be rebuilt for the new system your business is transitioning to. That can take months if not years to accomplish and can leave a lot of room for error.

So, imagine you have a site with hundreds of blog posts, thousands of media files, and several custom online services that users love, built into your custom Drupal template. But then you were recently informed that everything has to be moved to Sitecore or WordPress in the next 12-14 months – all while still delivering the same support and maintenance on scheduled projects in the hopper.

If your online services were built in React, that would take roughly 30 minutes per app to move without the excess stress of splitting hairs. So, if you only have 3 apps, that’s roughly 1.5 hours total for migration.

All that work and still able to make it to your 11 AM brunch with the team to celebrate the #wins your team just crushed. What’s not to love?

Work smarter – not harder – with precision to prevent future headaches within your business and better streamline internal processes. For you, your colleagues, current and future customer base.

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